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InsurTech Ohio and Insurtech Canada Partnership

Andrew Daniels, Founder and Managing Director of InsurTech Ohio with John Harvey, Founder of Insurtech Canada

InsurTech Ohio and Insurtech Canada Partner to Establish Market Pipeline Program for Startups

(Toronto, Ontario and Columbus, Ohio), May 29, 2023 - InsurTech Ohio and Insurtech Canada have announced a partnership to establish a pipeline for startups to enter the US market. Ohio will become the exclusive landing spot for these companies, providing them with connections to resources, networking events, advisors and capital to continue to grow.

Ohio is a hotbed for insurance innovation, not only from insurtech startups, but also from incumbents who have reinvented the way they do business. This ecosystem provides abundant industry expertise, access to talent, and a low cost of doing business allowing young companies their best chance to thrive.

John Harvey, Founder of Insurtech Canada, said, “This partnership will provide a unique opportunity for Canadian startups to gain access to the US market. We are confident that the resources and connections that InsurTech Ohio provides will be invaluable to these companies.”

Andrew Daniels, Founder and Managing Director of InsurTech Ohio, added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Insurtech Canada to help startups expand their reach. We look forward to helping these companies grow and succeed.”

InsurTech Ohio and Insurtech Canada are dedicated to helping startups succeed and are confident that this partnership will be beneficial to both countries.

As a first step, Insurtech Canada will be selecting Canadian-based companies to attend a private networking event in the next few months, where they will have the opportunity to connect with potential customers, advisors, investors and talent.

Insurtech Canada's and InsurTech Ohio's aligned missions leverage both organizations acting as communities, incubators and think tanks that cultivate innovation within insurance, bringing together investors, insurers, startups, and other stakeholders in the insurtech ecosystem.

Overall, the partnership between InsurTech Ohio and Insurtech Canada, along with their missions and visions, demonstrates a commitment to advancing insurance innovation and supporting startups in the industry. Interested applicants should submit their expression of interest here or email

About Insurtech Canada

Insurtech Canada is a community, incubator and think tank that cultivates innovation within insurance. They bring together investors, insurers, start-ups and other stakeholders in the insurtech ecosystem. Insurtech Canada cultivates connections and stronger dialogue between these parties, with an emphasis on creating awareness for new and existing Canadian insurtech start-ups. Insurtech Canada also brings to the table international community partnerships designed to help start-ups thrive and transform the insurance industry.

About InsurTech Ohio

InsurTech Ohio brings together a thriving community of industry leaders, carriers, startups and investors on a mission to celebrate and accelerate insurance innovation.

For more information, please contact:

Community Relations

Insurtech Ohio


Community Relations

Insurtech Canada



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