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Nationwide unveils HAYTECH, the hands-free hay monitoring for U.S. customers

Nationwide customers among first in U.S. with access to HAYTECH, the innovative hay monitoring system

Article was originally written and published by Nationwide's Graham Shippy and published at

Country field with bales of hay and mountains on the horizon.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 26, 2022) – Hay fires present unpredictable and difficult-to-manage risks for farming and agribusiness operations. They can also add up to thousands of dollars in building and replacement costs and lost revenue.1 A new partnership between Nationwide and Quanturi aims to address this issue with HAYTECH, the state-of-the-art technology to help better prevent hay fires and manage hay quality.

Beginning today, Nationwide’s agribusiness customers have discounted access to HAYTECH, the wireless hay monitoring system. The new partnership marks the first time the HAYTECH technology, an IoT-based solution from Finnish AgTech company Quanturi, is available to customers in the U.S.

“As a company built to serve the agriculture community’s unique needs, we’re constantly exploring new ways to solve challenges facing our customers – whether they run a small hobby farm or a large commercial agribusiness,” said Brad Liggett, president of Agribusiness at Nationwide. “HAYTECH’s unique solution to the issue of hay fires in agriculture is a perfect example of the intersection of industry expertise and technology to provide even deeper protection and peace of mind for our customers. We’re thrilled for Nationwide customers to be among the first in the country to benefit from this new capability.”

To use HAYTECH, customers will install a series of easy-to-spot and long-lasting probes into their operation’s hay bales and stacks, which will regularly transmit temperature measurements to the Cloud and alert operators when concerns arise. Nationwide’s customers who utilize the monitoring system will benefit from:

  • Secured hay production – HAYTECH warns producers of unusual temperature rises, enabling them to anticipate fire hazards and minimize the risk of losing haystacks and more. Operators can also use the intuitive interface to monitor their entire storage site regardless of the size of their production.

  • Increased income by choosing hay quality –Temperature data allows customers to choose the right hay for the best use, helping to optimize the profitability of their haystacks.

  • Reduced safety risks and labor costs – With remote access to all the data needed, the solution also helps to limit dangerous handling and work accidents.

  • Simplified hay production certification – Better anticipate selling prices by proactively ensuring hay will meet the requirements of the labels and by bringing a guarantee of traceability to customers.

“We are excited to partner with Nationwide and provide farmers with innovative and best-in-class solutions to prevent hay fires and optimize the quality of hay during storage. Nationwide is a frontrunner in bringing new digital technologies to its customers and we believe that HAYTECH, our real-time hay monitoring will help leaders in Agtech make more data-driven decisions,” said Nadine Pesonen, CEO Quanturi.

To learn more about incorporating HAYTECH, the hay monitoring technology into your operation, contact your Nationwide agent or visit

1 Hay Fires: Prevention and Control, National Ag Safety Database



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