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Community Impact Center: A Hub of Transformation

This article was originally written by Lindsey Zivoder and published on

COLUMBUS, OH (June 17, 2024) -- The Community Impact Center (CIC) is transforming the way nonprofits interact to provide clients with holistic support. The CIC opened in November 2022 as a partnership between United Way of Central Ohio and Nationwide.

Recognizing the innovation of space: Angela Williams, President and CEO of United Way Worldwide, had the opportunity to witness this transformative work firsthand during a tour of the building in early May. Her visit underscored the growing recognition of the center’s role in fostering community development.

Why it matters: By sharing a common space, the 17 nonprofit tenants, like Per Scholas Columbus, are experiencing engagement and mutual growth through “natural collisions.” This innovative approach is redefining how social service providers are able to coordinate support for clients – many who need assistance in more than one area to help them improve their lives. And, by providing services such as childcare and parking at no cost in a centralized location in downtown Columbus, people are able to access and focus on maximizing the support available to them.

  • Lisa Courtice, CEO of United Way of Central Ohio, sees the center as a game-changer. “The Community Impact Center is not just a building, it’s a catalyst for change. It’s where nonprofits and clients come together, learn from each other and create lasting impact,” she said.

  • Mark Howard, Nationwide’s Chief Legal Officer and board member of United Way Worldwide, echoed Courtice’s sentiments. “The center is a testament to the power of collaboration. It’s inspiring to see the tangible benefits that arise when we break down silos and work together for the greater good,” Howard noted.

The bottom line: The CIC is more than a shared workspace. It’s a vibrant hub where nonprofits can have “natural collisions” to share ideas, experiences and opportunities. The ultimate result: working together to help clients create a brighter future for themselves.

From Left to Right: Mark Howard, Lisa Courtice, Angela Williams and Chad Jester at the CIC

To read a case study of the CIC in action, visit:



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